Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Interview for Russian Photo

I am honored to be interviewed by Russian Photo
Cristina Venedict (Cristina Venedict) – a portrait photographer from Romania and a jury member of the international contest 35Photo Awards – told us about her love for the portrait genre.

What is your profession and how long ago began to take pictures of?

I’m a photographer and I’m very proud and happy when I say this. I fell in love with photography in 2007; it was like a revelation. I had a job as a psychologist, but I wasn’t happy. I felt like it wasn’t the proper place for me to be. Then, I fell in love with portraiture and I knew that that was what I wanted to do in life. It was such a wonderful feeling. This year will be my tenth year as a photographer. 🙂

What attracts you to portraiture?

From 2010, after my son was born, I began to take the path to portraiture. And I fell in love! This is the beauty of photography, to keep the passion alive. I like to play, I enjoy being a child. I’m quite immature sometime, but this is who I am. I like to have a connection with the model, to talk with her/him;I like to study the natural movements the model makes in order to see her/his strong and weak traits.I want my model to be relaxed, to show off her/his natural self and to “talk”with the viewer in such way that they have their own take on what the look or gesture wanted to say.

What are the criteria of a good portrait?

A good portrait is one that makes you stop and look at it! One of a kind

About the light?

In the beginning I said I would never work in a studio, but I did it. Now I prefer the natural wind, as well as the artificial one from the studio. For me it’s important to show an emotion through photography.

About color and black and white ?

Usually, my photographs are in color, but I make them in black and white as well. I like them as much. It’s interesting tha tin the beginning, my stories were only in black and white, I even said that I’ll do only black and white.

About the experience of judging ?

I am very pleased to be a jury member of the 35Photo Awards international competition, and it is important for me that I represent Romania. I’m a fan of the site and I’m glad I made it to be part of it. Judging will be a pleasure; I can’t wait to see all the photographs!

Is there a photographer whose work You particularly value ?

I like Paolo Roversi. He is an artist, a painter of light. I love his creations.

Do you think that to be a photographer, you need a talent?

In order to be a good photographer you have to be extremely passionate about photography. But it also helps to be encouraged by your family and friends. Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by people, by color combinations, art and fashion magazines. The music and artistic movies I saw in high school and college; everything you accumulate in your life has a say on your take in photography.

About family

My family,which is the center of the universe for me. It balances me and without it I couldn’t do anything.

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