Thursday, January 30, 2014

Magnificent Surreal Photography

Cristina is a self-taught fine-art photographer from Botosani, Romania. Her intelligent use of digital manipulation and multi-layered images creates beautiful illustrative compositions. Her series Mystical Places presents a world without limits, places where everything is possible. Cristina has won many photography competitions including PWP’s 37th Anniversary International, Shoot The Face International Portrait Photography Award, One Eyeland Photography Awards and many more.

She started her photography journey in 2006 with a 3-mpx compact camera taking still-life pictures and, little by little, making digital processing – a combination of photography, drawing and painting. Photography gave her the freedom to explore the beautiful and imaginative side of her, which has become a sense in her life.
I make photography with my soul, capturing different moments of my life. I see the world differently through the lens of my camera; it has taught me to notice beauty when sadness surrounds me.
Camera & Equipment Cristina uses:
Cristina uses Nikon D600, and Some lens: 50 mm 1.4 Lensbaby and 105 mm.

Her Inspiration:
She finds her inspiration from painting, photography, music, real life… They all contributed to the world she has created and helped the stories to develop. The Internet and the fact that we have access to a lot of visual information helps us in defining our self as an artist.

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Surreal Artists said...

Nice Blog, I read this blog continuously and like all the pictures clicked by you(Cristina). You are a perfect photographer. Keep sharing your amazing clicks with us.