Friday, January 4, 2013 | ISSUE NO.18 | Interviewed by Cristina Ţinta

A world of fantasies and dreams
We invite you to step with us into a world of dreams, a world of pear houses and fairytales, a world of magic, the world in which imagination has no limits.

“It started like a game, a game in which the child within me was running free and feeling like just awakened from a long sleep of immersion into the real world… a world in which we lose our ability to dream and to remain children. Photography helped me bring the child within back into the light. Photography and digital processing are interconnected. The fairytale could not exist if the camera lens would not open the gates of a different world, a world that preserves some elements of reality, but transposes them into a universe where there are no rules and no boundaries to creativity…
This is why the line between reality and fiction is extremely thin, almost inexistent in my works…” (Cristina Venedict).

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