Monday, October 13, 2014

International Photography Awards 2014

I am honored to receive two Honorable mentions at International Photography Awards ( IPA ) 2014 in Professional categories: Fine Art – Portrait and Advertising – Fashion.

love story | Category: Professional, Portrait
IRONic Feathers | Category: Professional, Fashion

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exhibition and workshop at Bucharest Photo Week

Am o mare placere sa particip alaturi de Andreea Chiru, Anca Cernoschi, Felicia Simion, Tatiana Volontir si Natalia Ciobanu la expozitia de grup “Expresiile Feminitatii” in cadrul Festivalului de Fotografie Bucharest Photo Week
Vernisajul va avea loc luni,8 septembrie 2014, ora 19.00 in Studioul F64, Bucuresti, Bd. Unirii nr. 45, sector 3.
Expozitia se poate vizita până pe 14 septembrie 2014.
Atelierul din cadrul Festivalului de Fotografie Bucharest Photo Week va avea loc duminică, 7 septembrie 2014, ora 16:30, Studioul F64, str. Bucovina si luni, 8 septembrie 2014, orele 16:00-18:00, Plastilina.
In urma atelierului, fotografiile rezultate si selectate de Cristina Venedict impreuna cu un membru al echipei Bucharest Photo Week vor face parte din expozitia „Emotii”, care se va vernisa pe 11 septembrie, la Acuarela.
Bucharest Photo Week este un eveniment dedicat artei fotografice, care isi propune sa canalizeze energia si amploarea fenomenului fotografic. In perioada 5 – 14 septembrie 2014, intre Bld. Unirii si Soseaua Kiseleff se va crea un adevarat coridor fotografic. Expozitii, proiectii, întalniri, muzica si cei peste 100 de fotografi implicati in eveniment va vor astepta.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Featured on Worbz

My photos featured on Worbz, one of my favorite online galleries
Worbz offers a look at contemporary photography. An inspirational online gallery. A platform of expressions.
A showcase of revealing outstanding talents and trends.

Exhibition and workshop at Secvente, Romania

Clubul de Turism si Arte Escamonde Ploiesti organizeaza, în perioada 5-7 septembrie 2014 si cu sprijinul Asociatiei pentru Promovarea si Dezvoltarea Turismului Prahova, cea dea doua editie a Festivalului de Fotografie Secvente.
Festivalul vrea sa demonstreze înca o data forta fotografiei în societatea actuala, prin promovarea imaginilor si ideilor unor artisti români si internationali din mediul fotografic contemporan.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Exhibition at VSLO, Romania

I was selected to take part in a group exhibition VSLO – VAMA SUB LUMINI DE OSCAR 2014 with my series “mystic portraits
I’ve always been fascinated by people. I like looking at them, studying their characteristics, their reaction, getting to know their stories. I believe each human being is unique, beautiful and unpredictable.
It usually happens to discover a face and ask myself “what is this person doing here, in our days?”. It seems like his/her face has a story that is from another time, and it seems like the modern days don’t fit right. Because every face has its story, I try to transmit, to encourage people through this series to never forget to dream and to try bringing out hidden parts that might make their lives even more beautiful. Live every second, minute, hour, day, year in harmony with them, as well as with everything from their surroundings.
The exhibition will be held from 22th of August to 31th of August 2014.

Monday, July 21, 2014

love story

This series of photographs presents a love story that passes through different stages until it reaches to the stability and emotional maturity that we all crave for in a relationship. The battles that take place within us, the desire for possessiveness and freedom, doubts, anxiety, the thrills of love are all pieces that compose the unstable path of love. This series is surrounded by mystery. The uncertainty of a relationship will make you move forward and face the challenges that stand between you and your happiness. The hugs and kisses of your loved one will always open new horizons, they will bring to light a part of you, undiscovered until then ...
Photography and Edit::: Cristina Venedict
Models::: Viviana SposubClaudiu Brinzei
Music::: byron - Tummo |

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Published in Adore Chroma Magazine

  I'm honored to be featured in the Premiere Issue of the Fine Art Photography Magazine Adore Chroma, sister publication to Adore Noir Magazine

Editor's Notes: Our Chroma Highlight features the unique world of Cristina Venedict's digital brush and with this brush she tells us that "I want to encourage people to dream." And she does so, with vivid fairy tale like scenes where the viewer is easily drawn in, and never wants to leave. Sandra Djak Kovacs

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pop-up exhibition at JURAPLATZ, Switzerland

Life Framer first edition pop-up exhibition, running April 19th – May 3rd 2014 at JURAPLATZ, Switzerland.
JURAPLATZ is a nonprofit independent Public Art Space and works as a satellite for international artists and festivals. Converted into an art-platform from a tram stop dating from the late ’30s, it is in the city of Biel/Bienne, the heart of the Swiss watch-making industry. JURAPLATZ was founded in October 2010 and has been hosting important exhibitions ever since; such as as Joan Fontcuberta (Hasselblad Award 2013) and Timo Arnall and Augustin Rebetez (Foam Magazine Talent 2013).

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fila lunii martie a Calendarului Nikon 2015

Fotografia Cristinei Venedict a fost aleasa de catre juriul format din Oliver Merce si Adrian Andrunachi ca fiind cea care va ilustra fila lunii martie a Calendarului Nikon 2015. In plus, ea a castigat premiul  lunar constand intr-un voucher in valoare de 1000lei.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Group Exhibition at ThePrintSpace gallery in London

The Life Framer Exhibition is the culmination of the first edition of the Life Framer photography award.

The exhibition will showcase stunning contemporary work from 24 winning photographers, each selected by globally acclaimed judges across twelve months of diverse themes encompassing ‘Life’ at its most diverse.

The art will be presented in a non-linear ‘cloud’ like arrangement. The display will inter-weave distinct stories, situations and characters in a powerful and inspiring way.

The main show will take place at theprintspace gallery in London, from April 1ST to 22ND 2014, with a private view 18:00 - 22:00 on April 3RD, the opening ‘First Thursday’ of the season.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Magnificent Surreal Photography

Cristina is a self-taught fine-art photographer from Botosani, Romania. Her intelligent use of digital manipulation and multi-layered images creates beautiful illustrative compositions. Her series Mystical Places presents a world without limits, places where everything is possible. Cristina has won many photography competitions including PWP’s 37th Anniversary International, Shoot The Face International Portrait Photography Award, One Eyeland Photography Awards and many more.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Group exhibition at Gezira Art Center in Cairo, Egypt

I was selected to take part in a group exhibition In Gezira Art Center in Cairo, Egypt. My work will be shown among the work of 27 other professional photographers from 20 countries. The opening will be held on 12th February 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winner of the December 2013 Shoot The Face Award

I am the Winner of the December 2013 Shoot The Face Award!

Shoot The Face is an International Portrait Photography Award that was designed to acknowledge, expose, inspire, and reward talented photographers around the globe.

"Incredible work, it is a stunning image. We have been huge fans of your work since you started entering, it is so instantly recognisable. Beautiful."

Monday, January 6, 2014

IPA 2013 – Top Country Pick

International Photography Awards 2013 – Top Country Pick (second place)
IPA’s 2013 Top Country Picks have been released and are available to view:

Friday, January 3, 2014

Prelucrari digitale in PHOTO Magazine

Prelucrari digitale este titlul articolului meu, apărut la rubrica Pont, din revista PHOTO magazine, numarul 82 | decembrie 2013 - ianuarie 2014.